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As I have found out recently from A.J. Bartlett (co-editor of the Praxis of Alain Badiou), Re-press has just published a new translation of Alain Badiou’s The Concept of Model (see my partial translation here) with a scholarly introduction, translated by Zachary Fraser and Tzuchien Tho.

A book by Sam Gillespie (to whom the Praxis of Alain Badiou is dedicated) is also being published at re-press. It’s on mathematics and Alain Badiou (maybe from his dissertation?), and it sounds really promising.

My philosophy professor (Sid Littlefield) told me that apparently there are quite a few books currently being translated (I know that Bruno Bosteels is publishing a book of Badiou’s on politics and one on Nietzsche). Maybe this means we will see Theory of the Subject sometime soon–I hope so… I want to translate sections of that and his books Of Ideology and Theory of Contradiction…which I hope are underway for translation. Finally, Badiou co-authored a book on the Hegelian dialectic in the 70’s. I wonder if that would be interesting to see in English, along with Henri Lefebvre’s book on Lenin’s notebooks on Hegel’s dialectic…That along with Simont’s chapter on Hegel/Deleuze and Gueroult’s appendix to the Hegelian critique of Spinozist concepts will be up on the site, too, soon.

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  1. Zachary Fraser says

    Thanks for plugging Concept. This is an impressive site you’ve got going here. It’s great to see Lautman and Cavailles getting the attention they deserve, too. Keep up the great work, and email me sometime.

  2. hej, yes thanks from me too. I’m working on Lautman at the moment and am down for a chat sometime if you are up for it. I was for a number of years in Athens GA, and I believe I have met Sid Littlefield before but am not sure. It was probably at one of the Society for European Philosophy conferences in the UK. How was SPEP this year? A close friend Colin McQuillan gave a paper on Agamben.
    In any case, seems like it is possible that we might have crossed paths before as well, seeing as I spent sometime in Athens, GA, have we?

  3. Bruno Bosteels has been working on a translation of Badiou’s Theory of the Subject for a while now. I’m not sure if it’s close to completion (or if any particular press has accepted it for publication).

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