Taylor Adkins


Welcome to fractal ontology. I am a co-contributor to this blog originally begun by Joe Weissman. I’d like to think that our between-two creates a strange and eclectic collective assemblage of enunciation, heterogeneous lines which crisscross yet never completely merge. His ethico-aesthetically charged explorations bring my own horizons to their immanent auto-critique, or, more often, forces me to decide against him with a force that reproduces the fundamental violence of the faculties of thinking itself. Forgive my narcissistic moment.

Nevertheless, I will tell you that my interests are chiefly in 20th century French philosophy (though not excluding other traditions: for example, I’m interested currently in the relation between Fichte, especially his Science of Knowledge, and Laruelle’s project). Also, check out my other blog Speculative Heresy for more on non-philosophy, Laruelle, speculative realism, Meillassoux, etc.


  1. hello ,

    I found your translations of Gilbert Simondon through a google search on G Simondon. Do you know that there is a wonderful lecture on Gilbert Simondon By Mrs Fagot largeot, professor at the College de France, in French, available on Itunes (and maybe other mp3 formats) either directly on itunes college de france or accessible through the site college-de-france.fr. The lecture is part of a series titled “ontologie du devenir”, there were 7 lectures in 2006/7 and there are 7 this year (the last one this year will be delivered tomorrow) .They are all accessible freely on itunes, as well as other lectures of CdF. The Simondon lecture by Mrs FL is called “individu et individuation, l’individu comme processus et operation”, so you can find it easily on the itunes site.

    best regards,

  2. Hi Taylor. I have read about your translation of Guattari’s Machinic Unconscious on various blogs, but I think this has been removed. Is there any chance you could email this?
    best wishes S Morton

  3. Hi Taylor,

    Many thanks for your translations – I am a PhD student currently reading all the translated Simondon I can get my hands on, so am very grateful to you. I would desperately like to read the rest of ‘The Individual and its Physico-Biological Genesis’, so was wondering whether you have translated that too – or, if not, whether you know of someone else who has? I’m also seeking an English version of ‘Psychic and Collective Individuation’. Any tip-offs/URLs/PDFs/etc would be much appreciated!

    And while I’m asking favours, do you by any chance know which Simondon text the essay entitled ‘The Genesis of the Individual’ (in Crary and Kwinter’s ‘Incorporations’ book) is excerpted from? It’s not referenced anywhere in the book and I’ve been unable to trace it elsewhere.

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Taylor, I have a similar question to Cassandra really. I’d like to get my hands on the rest of ‘The Individual and its Physico-Biological Genesis’.

  4. Hi Taylor,
    i was curious to ask what stage your translations of Simondon have reached. i’m impressed by the work and wanted to ask as to your further plans. would you be so kind as to send me an email?

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