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Floating Cloud

Wild Fox and Starlight is now available for early readers! Official paperback release planned for late Summer 2022.

About the Work

Wild Fox and Starlight is a collection of Floating Cloud’s Zen writings. The book introduces the reader to the inner life of Zen practice by way of poems, epigrams, and fables. 

In “Discourse on the Refinement of Wisdom through Personal Realization”, readers will discover Floating Cloud’s own meditation guide, crystallizing an illumination in a devotional format which recalls the early sutras, alternating intricate prose discussion with verse. This is followed by direct, challenging analysis in contemporary philosophical language.

In “Epigrams and Wonders”, readers will hear Starlight tell her own story, and find Floating Cloud’s reflections on the mysterious appearance of the Wild Fox.

This work welcomes the reader into the heart of one practitioner’s zen, offering moving insights from the depths of philosophical and spiritual contemplation. Applying to modern life the wisdom of the ancient teachings, Floating Cloud vividly espouses a transcendental doctrine of no-self, revealing a world where “everything is nothing-but-mind”. This book elucidates the essence of one seeker’s philosophical, spiritual and literary practice.

About the Author

浮かぶ雲, “Floating Cloud”, is a writer, composer, and poet.