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Taylor and I will be taking some well-deserved (and much-needed) time off to attend the 46th SPEP meeting in Chicago. We’re driving up tonight and will be back this weekend. One of our favorite professors, Sid Littlefield, will be delivering a paper on Badiou, Lucretius and Spencer-Brown.

And if you’re going to be attending, why not go ahead and leave a message here? We’d be delighted to meet others who are going.

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  1. He’s got a section on Lucretius, too — one of his “detours” entitled ‘It is raining.’

    I ought to have mentioned the Althusser connection as well as its quite prominent in his presentation.

  2. Sweet! I didn’t know that about the Lucretius. I wonder if he’ll pull off the Spencer-Brown, or if that will just confuse, alienate, and piss a lot of people off?

  3. I hope it pisses people off. Cross twice = non-cross is just asking to be hated on by the philosophical community. I think instead of bringing in the Spencer-Brown, he should focus on the ties with Laruelle. That to me is more interesting and more expandable. If he can get in the Laruelle and the Spencer-Brown, that’d really be a strong paper.

  4. Twitch of the death nerve says

    I am happy to inform you guys that Badiou, Althusser, Lucretius, Spencer-Brown, and Laruelle all make an appearance. Of, course at 5200 words I mention most of western philosophy.

  5. That’s awesome Sid! What an interesting conjunction of thinkers…what about Spinoza or Nietzsche? Do they sneak in too? I look forward to it Friday morning!

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