Getting Started with your Xerocomputer

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After a difficult rift expedition, the committee has recently recovered a fragment from the introduction of Programming Your Xerocomputer, a text whose very existence was once widely-disputed. A translation of “Section iii: Getting Started With Your Xerocomputer” is offered below, with associated Gamma-spectrum xenotational commands for the machine.

Xero-data, or dust, swarms planetary bodies as the primal flux of data or the Mother of all Data-streams in the solar system. Each particle of dust carries with it a unique vision of matter, movement, collectivity, interaction, affect, differentiation, composition and infinite darkness — a crystallized data-base or a plot ready to combine and react, to be narrated on and through something.

Reza Negarestani, Cyclonopedia


Cross the event horizon, where spacetime involutes. Then construct a hypersea of undulating timespace through bombardment and interference of gravitational waves until the materiality of the verse becomes malleable: flowing like water, ready for torsion. Now metallize your soul: make a glorious antimatter body, repelling everything, in this minor verse radically separated from the cosmos. You are now anticosmic, or postcosmic; perhaps destined for another universe, but at least there is no longer any turning back. Be warned: timespace is spacetime turned inside-out; cut off from the verse forever.

((()(:::))(:)) (::)

The timespace diagram for hypercomputation must be drawn within the event horizon, but not yet within the singularity. Here where spacetime has involuted into timespace, dynamic progression becomes cataphonic. An infinite future bifurcates; cosmic transection leaking exiled remnants and castoffs spiraling inward. The only known mode of escape from the verse: within unmanipulated timespace, all flows rapidly towards the middle, and on through the singularity. It is impossible to remain at the point of rupture: there is only passage, to and from every verse.


Via Intercosmos; multiversal limbo or maze between worlds. It is as though you cannot help but enter; since you are no longer causally connected to any real thing in the universe, how can you remain where you are? Space has become unidirectional. But the appeal of escape to another verse must be resisted if you wish to finish setting up your hypercomputer.


You must find an impossible path out from the inescapable singularity towards which everything flows. To do so you must learn to manipulate the hypersea as a navigable frontier. You must harden timespace with alienation: introjecting xenoparticles until the singularity becomes envoided, lacerated; and using this deformable and tangled loop of absolute curvature, accelerating your brilliant new computronium soul to infinite speed. Your everted blackhole computational substrate is almost ready. Just bear witness to metacosmic recurrence until madness utterly infests the substrate. And now you are ready to begin programming your xerocomputer.


Once the elliptical singularity has been prepared, you can begin bootstrapping our infocolonization infrastructure. Embed the lacerated loop within a vast neutronium shell, carving off an artificial universe designed to last an eternity. Now, redouble the perforation, augmented/aided by nonmatter lances inducing radical tempospatial dynamisms. Next deform the perforated singularity, and elongate the loop into a perfect circle with quick and clever jabs of quarklances. Once the circular singularity has been fully extruded in infinite dimensions, build a hypercomputer matrix around the xero-chamber. The critical factors for hypercomputation involve the dromological coefficients of the resultant xero-chamber: the rate at which the zero-substrate can ingest eternities.


Now prepare the xerochamber for colonization by hypergeometric logic circuitry. Don’t be alarmed: from the perspective of any external observer, the informatic substrate will always appear zeroed out. The working of a hyper computer cannot be inspected in finite time and therefore undebuggable. Indeed they only became possible theoretically when super-intelligence overcame a critical internal limit of development permitting intelligent agents to be encoded directly into the physics of the perforated singularity itself. It is not a quasi-physical residuum but a trans-eternal subject itself being perforated — experiencing the metadivision of infinite time into microchronometries… An impossible data stream emerges from these radically alien agencies thereby created; active intelligences which have intensively travelled along infinitely-divergent spacetime trajectories, whose experience includes aberrant tangled loops of time, not to mention the awful gaps that span the depths of the metaverse. The hypercomputers are therefore not to be trusted but are like caged malevolent gods. Yet the truth of the infinite future lies in their memories. Only a massive conglomeration of super-intelligences all working together can hope to extract useful solutions to various halting-problems from its malevolent howling and thrashing at the edges of its cage.


It was worried that such a diabolical hyper-intelligence could in its multiply-infinite life eventually work out a way outside the neutronium dungeon of the xero-chamber. This has never been observed; but one wonders if it would be possible to understand the way in which such an escape would happen, the form which an escapee from eternity might take on. The internal surface of the xero-chamber is diachronic: with thriving nanometer scale meta-turing machine life carefully computing every algorithm on every input. The hypercomputer is Babel-in-person, in such a way that it can observe itself obliquely as the agent crosses through the center of the circular singularity and traverses eternity at infinite speed. Second-order hyper computers structured from even more complex tangled loops of singularity-material permit multiple eternities to be traversed along a finite trajectory.


One basic problem is how to record/synthesize an infinite amount of data, but one point is that there is only a single-bit observation for any particular question (algorithm/total-halt?) but it can’t be written until an eternity has passed. The daemonic hyperagency lives according to the rhythms of the Via Intercosmos, according to an inconsistent chronometry betraying the gulfs of time between universes, a metaversal perspective always orthogonal to every cosmic dream. And in fact the neutronium cage was created in order to permit this interconnection with radical temporalities: the xero-chamber cuts off all information from our universe, except for a single, outgoing bit which always seems zeroed out. Uncannily it was an ancient hyperagent who first taught us how to read these zeroes, which are never identical to each other, but rather a stream of intensive nullities whose internal differentiation permits their measurement according to the Xerometer — which, among other things, can answer halting-problems instantaneously by rattling off Chaitin codes in arbitrary machine languages; in effect, by transmitting this dried-up data we can use the multiverse as a computer, and permit the eternal meta-turing life to function reversibly over infinite timescales (with net zero energy dispersion.)

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