Translations and Schema Upgraded: Now with PDFs

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French Translations / Laruelle / notes / schema / Simondon


I have recently added links to the translations and the schema page to PDF files for those that are interested. I would imagine that this would be a much more useful way to orient this resource towards a wider public, or simply to ease the work of having to read text online.

I still have yet to fully introduce the translations or the notes that we have on this site. I hope this can become something of a side project for December when classes are out. Therefore, the files are not really sorted according to content, but simply according to author(s).

On a side note, I have finished translating the first chapter of Gilbert Simondon’s L’Individuation psychique et collective. Normally I would post this on the site: but this is going to be a part of a project that might turn into an actual book publication. I don’t know the details yet, but I’ve been conferring with Samuel Weber about this possibility, and I will definitely keep everyone informed on the process.

Another tangent: I have also begun working on the introduction to Laruelle’s Philosophy and Non-Philosophy. I’m hoping that re-press will be interested in it; if not, I’ll find a use for it on the blog.

Joe and I have some papers due soon, so expect some full posts in about a week!

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  1. Hi Taylor,

    I don’t know if any checks these comments diligently, but I’m unable to discover any better means of contacting you.

    Do you or anyone else know whether and when any translations of Simondon’s work might be released, by the University of Minnesota Press, for example? You mentioned so on Levi Bryant’s blog back in 2008, as did Massumi in an interview in 2009, but now it’s 2011 and I don’t see anyone talking about it any longer.

    I ask because I’m a recent graduate looking to expand my research on philosophical accounts of genesis as a graduate student. I’d thus need to read Simondon, and if it’s not translated into English soon I’ll have to do it myself.

    Thanks for any help you can give, and of course for all the work you post on your blogs.

  2. Graham Joncas says

    Two translations of Simondon are forthcoming:

    Gilbert Simondon, On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects, trans. Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Dan André Mellamphy and Edward Ninian Mellamphy, Semiotexte (forthcoming MIT Press, 2012).

    Gilbert Simondon, The Genesis of Technicity, trans. Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Dan Mellamphy, Ninian Mellamphy, Deleuze Studies (forthcoming 2012).


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