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Translations and Schema Upgraded: Now with PDFs


I have recently added links to the translations and the schema page to PDF files for those that are interested. I would imagine that this would be a much more useful way to orient this resource towards a wider public, or simply to ease the work of having to read text online.

I still have yet to fully introduce the translations or the notes that we have on this site. I hope this can become something of a side project for December when classes are out. Therefore, the files are not really sorted according to content, but simply according to author(s).

On a side note, I have finished translating the first chapter of Gilbert Simondon’s L’Individuation psychique et collective. Normally I would post this on the site: but this is going to be a part of a project that might turn into an actual book publication. I don’t know the details yet, but I’ve been conferring with Samuel Weber about this possibility, and I will definitely keep everyone informed on the process.

Another tangent: I have also begun working on the introduction to Laruelle’s Philosophy and Non-Philosophy. I’m hoping that re-press will be interested in it; if not, I’ll find a use for it on the blog.

Joe and I have some papers due soon, so expect some full posts in about a week!