French Language Resources


Language Lessons

Machine Translation

Note: Nothing mechanical is even close to the innate facility of a human translator. These algorithms will definitely not generate accurate translations. Be especially wary of idiosyncratic errors with all English-French language-conversion tools. If you can, try to utilize multiple algorithms, dictionaries, bi-lingual friends or forums, etc.


  1. audio files
    – Pimsleur French, available in limewire/torrent
    – michel thomas, available in limewire/torrent
    – linguaphone, available in limewire/torrent
    – living language, available in limewire (sometimes)
    – french in action’s complimentary audio lessons
    – FSI french,

    e-books: (download the PDF version)
    – Liberté –
    – French slang –
    – Quebecois slang – has the following e-books: (just use the search part)
    McGraw Hill – Countdown to French – Learn to Communicate in 24 hours
    McGraw-Hill – Beginning French for the Utterly Confused – A. Sebastian Mercado
    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning French on Your Own
    French Grammar and Usage Second Edition
    Better Reading French – A Reader and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written French
    French Verb Drills Third Edition



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