Here you can find our notes and commentary covering a variety of critical and theoretical works. We wrote these guides and outlines, in order to help ourselves diagram the people and ideas we were investigating. We’re hoping others will find them helpful as well, and that by collecting them together we can encourage thought and discussion about these important works.

Many of these notes are now also available as easily-viewable PDF files:


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  2. This blog is very fascinating. Love seeing some people working with Flusser, doing theory and strongly media-technologically-focused philosophy in a similar way to myself and those in whom I’m interested. Keep it up!

  3. Salut les gens,
    Bonjour. J’étudie l’informatique et réside dans la métropol Philadelphia.
    Ma meilleure conjecture est la communauté de Fractal Ontolgy provient du Quebec.
    Quebecois est un dialecte fascinant.
    J’ai tenu des asprirations pour étudier la sociologie du UQAM, seulement l’imaginer rêvant!
    Merci pour la connaissance brillante.
    Au revoir:
    arion @

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