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Universal Computation and The Laws of Form

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Remarks on Turing and Spencer-Brown (Joseph Weissman) Introduction Computation is holographic. Information processing is a formal operation made abstract only by a reduction in the number of free variables, a projective recording which analyzes from all angles the entropy or information contained in the space. Thus, basing my results partly on Hooft’s holographic conjecture for physics (regarding the equivalence of string theory and quantum theory,) and by extending Spencer-Brown’s work on algebras of distinction (developed […]

Notes on Natural-Language Artificial Intelligence

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Our first axiom must be some kind of logically justifiable affirmation that this goal is indeed reachable: (1) Linguistic competence is attainable through the appropriate programming of any universal Turing machine. In order to demonstrate this, let’s suppose that (‘artificial’) natural language agency isn’t possible. Accepting this implies at least one of the following two propositions must be true: (a) Either linguistic competence will never be attainable for machines due to some kind of ultimately […]