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Oedipus, Narcissus, Odysseus

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Oedipus, Narcissus, Odysseus Notes Towards a Theory of Temporal Structure in Homer and Sophocles Joseph Weissman Introduction | At Colonus | Time Disjoined | Oedipus and the Sky | Narcissism and Dreams | Odysseus or the Future | Nietzsche and Sophocles | Towards Girard ∴ Download “Oedipus, Narcissus, Odysseus” as PDF Introduction What follows are some thoughts of mine on the structure and function of the Theban plays by Sophocles, supplemented by some considerations of the […]

The Distance of the Gods : A Note on Aristotle and Friendship

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In one of the more singular passages of the Nicomachean Ethics (Book VIII, Chapter 7), Aristotle makes several claims about the nature of friendship.  One of these claims is that friendship arises out of (or, we shall say, strives for) equality. Similarly, friendship has a reciprocal nature insofar as the more useful or better of the friends (a father in relation to his son) deserves more love and thus owes less, so to speak. It […]