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Thinking Cybernetics

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(Matt Dixon) Thinking Cybernetics: Mapping the Intersections between Metaphysics, Technology, Biopolitics (abstract for panel) The purpose of this panel is to gather together ideas, perspectives, and questions from a diverse variety of thinkers and disciplines relating to the theory and practice of cybernetics. Our goal is to raise a series of critical questions concerning the intersection between biopolitics, metaphysics, and technology. While each paper is devoted to a specific author or authors and is generally […]

Flusser Studies Call for Papers

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call for papers / flusser

Was surfing around the ‘net and found an interesting call for papers by the Flusser Studies group. Strangely enough, though the call for papers and website is in English, their last online issue seems to have been published entirely in Spanish. They claim this ‘multi-lingual’ approach is itself Flusserian, as he himself translated and retranslated his work into several languages–is there something here close to Deleuze’s idea that the unconscious is not structured like one […]