Key Texts

  • The Coming Community, Agamben
  • Being and Event and Metapolitics, Alain Badiou
  • The Dialogical Imagination, Bakhtin
  • Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord
  • Difference and Repetition and Logic of Sense, Gilles Deleuze
  • Schizoanalytic Cartographies and The Machinic Unconscious, Guattari
  • What is Philosophy? and Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Deleuze and Guattari
  • The Shape of Things and The Philosophy of Photography, Vilém Flusser
  • Eros and Civilization and One-Dimensional Man, Herbert Marcuse
  • The Postmodern Condition, Lyotard
  • The Birth of Physics, The Parasite and The Troubadour of Knowledge, Michel Serres

On Deleuze and Badiou

  • Alliez, Eric. “Anti-Oedipus–Thirty Years On (Between Art and Politics).” Trans. Alberto Toscano. Deleuze and the Social. Ed. Martin Fulgsang and Bent Meier Sorenson. Edinburg: Edinburgh UP, 2006. 151-68.
  • —. “Badiou: The Grace of the Universal.” Trans. Ashley King. Polygraph 15 (2005): 267-73.
  • Bergen, Veronique. “The Precariousness of Being and Thought in the Philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Alain Badiou.” Deleuze and Philosophy. Ed. Constantin V. Boundas. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2006. 62-73.

Besana, Bruno. “One or Several Events? The Knot between Event and Subject in the Work of Alain Badiou and Gilles Deleuze.” Polygraph 17 (2005): 245-56.

Brassier, Ray. “Stellar Void or Cosmic Animal? Badiou and Deleuze.” Pli: Warwick Journal of Philosophy 10 (2000): 200-16.

Egyed, Bela. “Counter-Actualisation and the Method of Intuition.” Deleuze and Philosophy. Ed. Constantin V. Boundas. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2006. 74-84.

Gillespie, Sam. “Neighborhood of Infinity: On Badiou’s Deleuze: The Clamor of Being.” Umbr(a) (2001): 91-106.

Kaufman, Eleanor. “Betraying Well.” Criticism 46.4 (Fall 2004): 651-659.

Laerke, Mogens. “The Voice and the Name: Spinoza in the Badouian Critique of Deleuze.” Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy 8 (1999): 86-99.

Ophir, Adi and Ariella Azoulay. “The Contraction of Being: Deleuze after Badiou.” Umbr(a) (2001): 107-120.

Smith, Daniel W. “Mathematics and the Theory of Multiplicities: Badiou and Deleuze Revisited.” The Southern Journal of Philosophy 41.3 (2003): 411-49.

Badiou, Alain. “The Event in Deleuze.” Trans. Jon Roffe. Parrhesia 2 (2007): 37-44.

—. “The Flux and the Party: In the Margins of Anti-Oedipus.” Trans. Laura Balladur and Simon Krysl. Polygraph 15/16 (2004): 75-92.

—. “Of Life as a Name of Being, or, Deleuze’s Vitalist Ontology.” Trans. Alberto Toscano. Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy 10 (2000): 191-99.


This page is an attempt at an extensive (though not exhaustive) list of secondary sources on philosophy (mainly journal articles) with an additional attention to single translations of primary sources which are scattered throughout journals and collections. We will try to making headings where possible, but there may be a very heterogeneous ‘other’ category under which many of these articles may fall.


  1. Which Nick Land? The Shamanic Nietzsche or the one on Death? I have a lot of his essays in my archive if you want any. By the way, with your knowledge of French texts and our shared common interests, do you have any suggestions for the bibliography (including your suggestions on Simont and Gueroult, etc., which I’m still in the process of adding here). I’m definitely only started in collecting texts together, but you seem to have a really unique perspective on contemporary theory. I’ll be sure to include these questions in my email.

  2. both Land pieces are memorable, but the Thanatos one is probably one of my all time fav essays, even if i don’t ultimately agree with him, which is second to the pleasure of reading his work at all.
    if you read french, macherey’s “hegel ou spinoza” is something i’ve wanted to read for a long time.
    dunno, there’s lots. have you looked at Conway’s “nietzsche and the political”? it should speak to many of the topics you’ve been posting on lately.

    ps. we need to assemble a list of possible translation options for Claire. let’s be in touch in the next couple day about it.

  3. oh, i forgot. Zourabichvili wrote his magnum opus on Spinoza, “Spinoza and the physics of thought”, you might look at that. it’s not too hard to get on french amazon.
    down the road, if i get time to read it in the spring, i might even consider translating it. we’ll see. gueroult’s books are more important as far as the history goes…we’ll see.

  4. You have miss Alain Beaulieu’s Deleuze and phenomenology (a PhD done under Badiou critic). It is an important book because Beaulieu underlines that the Outside is not the open and he goes against the Badiou’s reading of Deleuze.

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