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catastrophe / creation / escape / literature / micropolitics

Some inchoate thoughts on curvilinear transition and navigation between radically alien milieus.

Schoenberg : Xenakis :: Joyce : Negarestani

Cyclonopedia comprises a downward spiral into hyperstitional collapse or crack-up, alongside an outward spiral towards another universe. It may seem to perversely unfold a nightmare crypt of the death-drive, but this monstrous theoretical depersonalization is operating through the harshest singularities of space and time; it resounds in the howling of the magnetosphere, and echoes the cries of rebellion from the Core to the imperial Sun outside. Negarestani’s harrowing leper-creative legerdemain covertly unfolds gateways and meta-fictional portals; analyzed in the work in terms of worm-holes or vermiculations, gnawing consumption of solidus by void incursions that can only invade from without because they have also corrupted from within; the void’s infernal and instinctive will to devour solidity revealing the underlying softness of the solid, the internal decay and hollowness already growing and slicing matter-energy from within solidity itself.

A groundless hunger for ungrounding, the cyclone of the void shatters matters into degenerate messes of axes, engineering minoritarian irruption of metron flows, inflowing alien dimensions consuming and overtaking orientation, navigation, gravitation; a metafiction which operates between cosmoses accompanies this harsh depersonalization, which resembles nothing more than the dysgraphia of Carruth’s time travelers; the catastrophe, the in-spiraling of the outside is always impossible to write, at once urgent and horrific.

Writing was always only a side effect of another becoming, a material transversalization between radically divergent affects, conceptual personae; a simultaneous succession and multiple possession of names, like signatures for consistencies across micropolities: out-spiraling into extensive organizations and megamachines, or in-spiraling into intensive ordinates distributing singularities in depth and inducing resonance, generating lines of escape, transversal decodings, which are becomings, and dangerous since the becoming itself becomes-otherwise; an other dimension always intrudes, interrupts and repurposes, intervenes geometrically or temporally…

Only a sick will driven only by the perpetuation of war itself, in its endless mess-making and derangement, would create a cosmos, could be in favor of creation; and this is perhaps the central polemic of the text, against the long error of favoring Creation. The cosmos is War, populated by virulent void machines engineering the debasement and humiliation of solidity; and through this unholy mess, create galactic scale battle meshes for its own violent destruction of all warmachines. War creates only in order to hunt warmachines, for no other reason than to hunt each one down, one by one; “dust to dust” as anti-creationist watchword, and perhaps first step to smooth narrato-dimensional interpolation and transversality. Cyclonopedia emphasizes the utterly alien and collective writing practices embodied in a stream of dust particles, each a micro novel tracing a singular connection to an untimely depth of time or space, a radically inhuman milieu…

No narratological harmonization is possible between the alien, impossibly remote milieus associated with each particle of dust; a succession of them overflows the potential for concreteness of merely human writing by orders of magnitude. There is no narrative more concrete, Cyclonopedia declares, than a stream of dust particles.

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