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A sky englobes and illuminates a terraqueous sphere in the same way a biosphere recollects the scattered spirit of an earth. The sky breathes, soul of the world. Exposing nature and history to free and limitless dynamism, to an open field of differences distributed in depth. The outer limit of vision or terrestrial abstraction. The sky opens onto a virtual whole, exposing a cosmic membrane to continuous creation. How to begin with aerial roots? What would be required to constitute a joyful science of radical permutation: an oneirogenetics, or a chronopolitics? What is the becoming-imageless of the model or the law or thinking? How is it possible to arrive without returning — as though finally — at the lightest: dreams, the future, atmosphere? How might one become otherwise, through this ellipsis, in the non-image of the outside? How might these depths, aglow with inexhaustible heat, be at long last enveloped?

What does it take to soar beyond this impossible amplitude, above an eternity of magnitude; to, for once, become susceptible to an infinite resonance? What after all do signals and images have to do with noise and glare? How is it possible to activate an immunology of future light, an aerology of immanence, a generic ecology of the horizon — an exology of the sky? What finally would this mean: solidarity with air, with so many absent or phantomatic skies? To be solidary with a multiplicity of missing and denied skies; to learn to exist with a non-present sky, to live within its deferral or exteriority; to inhabit the invading disappearance of the sky. An atmosphere mediates the movement of light, conditions luminous composition and transitive duration; the very medium of expression of the lightest. The aerological architecture of dreams or the future condition a sublimation or rarefaction of time, a volumetric expansion into outer darkness, the intensification or acceleration of thinking towards the cosmos. Ascent to the imageless. What is an immunology of light?

Mediating flow, an atmosphere differentiates systems of convection, organizing degrees of intensity, concentrating pressure or distributing heat. Aerology grounds in this sense: upon the movement of the sky, aloft. Alongside meteors and upon the wings of demons. The problem of motion in general presupposes a horizontality, an indexicalization of the atmosphere which permits splitting, an aesthetics, conversation. Aristotle said Zeno invented the dialectic with his paradoxes of motion. And despite the fact that consideration of infinitesimals and limits seem to have provided an effective dissipation of the paradoxes, celerity remains the kernel of an irresolute crisis. Sky opened, irradiated by signal-sign systems, exploited and intoxicated. The skies have been lacerated, submitted to a generalized precession of simulacra, rendered to an unlimited cybernetic permutability, reduced to virtual machine parameter. Every relative horizon is artificial. Aerology is already a logic-beyond-logos of subjectivation, the sense-beyond-sensation of simulation. The play of the lightest. The sky is a river system.

How to account for the uncanny eruption of simulation within archaeology? Of the dream within light? A sky intimates without intimacy, one-way boundary of a black hole, held like a memory by the gravity of proximity. If the sky englobes a luminous body, perhaps we need an aerosophy of light. Air, the future, the outside of the outside: imperceptible except to microscopic perception, unfolding itself into this spectacle of the lightest, into living play, crystalline work of inexhaustible flow. Beyond or above time, another horizon; perhaps already a self-overcoming. Beneath the most generic ecology, or above the clouds, after eons or through dreaming, an opening onto the glacial, the unengendered, outside of the outside, beyond or above the terrestrial, a radical alterity enclosed entirely within itself, external to the absolute limit of anthropoid internality, beyond the binding of regional strategies (schizo-technological or otherwise) to psychoanalysis, planetarity, etc. Is the atmosphere not all too often equivalent to the generalized repression of thought? To the relentless destruction or subversion of the very forces that could give human labor a future? Bad stars, air: destiny defeated; decay rather than indefinite deferral. A catastrophe of substrate, closure of the open medium through which everything flows. No time for the intervention of tears, even for a finally faceless love to weep for ghosts. Only descent into night. An outside which infects, invades, envelops.

The atmospheric as the disaster of the virtual itself, grounded in drifting but suppressive organization of bodies into rigid planetary genera. Escaping the territory. Noology of the sky, then: as all-too-anthropocene development of Ideas according to generic verticality rather than conception according to an infinite virtuality, an absolute horizon free from gravity. A sky is empty. It unbinds time and territories, provides a critical interruptive volume, locus of planetary mixture, medium of flight. Unearthing the world. Territorial encodings always-already convoke mutant universes of reference: inventing novel chaoid virtualities, populating new cities in the clouds. The in-between has an aerial-compositional substrate. Growing from everywhere at once. The lightest grounds, imperceptibly.

Free from gravity.

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  1. mapsperhaps says

    ‘What is an immunology of light?’

    ‘breaking time-reversal symmetry’..?
    ~c/o (the)/ a magnetic field(s) for photons.

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