Between Planes

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acceleration / complexity / exchange / laughter / network / relation


Relata. Noise (always-already virtually present) vibrates, and only indicates in becoming-channeled. Primary indication is extinction, dis-embodiment (subject), dis-articulated (sign), dis-simulated (situation). Immediate indicia; omen or axiom? –At any rate the percept and the affect are in a troubled relation. We attempt to attune a machine to this relationality; its speed approaches infinity asymptotically; it is exologically “determinative” insofar as:

1. Internal relations relate only indirectly to external terms; the points and the pathways they determine are related through secondary or ‘higher-order’ relations of relations. A typology of relation, or topology of black noise…
2. External dynamisms ‘geometrize’ an internal displacement or translation (enfold the node within a network…). Noise redoubled or multiplied. Even the most sophisticated or speculative slicing and stitching operations seem all but unable to escape this subordination to replication.
3. Internality relates without correlating; or, inner movements, speeds, etc., do not have currency — exchange cannot relate. External relationality insists or ‘supplicates’ the terms into infinity or non-relation. The term dissolves within the white noise of infinite-dimensional relational-space.

Relata do not relate themselves; another relation is always implicated. And after all what could there be, without an explosion, a moment or lightning-flash between the two non-relating poles or planes…?

Between planes. How fast must a thought be going to achieve planar jailbreak, to craft the abyssal passageways between layers of existence? In between thinking and the light, in between movement and feeling, in between a multiplicity… Demons dwell here. It is surely not enough to try to move as fast as possible (hoping perhaps thereby to avoid contact with certain external “agencies”…?) Smooth spaces and infinite speeds will never be enough to save us. The internality of the planar interstice… Without an inside, without planar conjuncture, there would only be the outside. Remember this. The outside is only “accessible” because of critical slicing and stitching; the open… The risks. The outside alone is not enough, even though it may be necessary (bad air!) But how long can it go on? –If only in despair we are always-already conceding; but it is only dejection, misery. There is no last word.

Cities. There is no more to the city than the city; the city is all alone, a body, all by itself. It exhumes a universe. It disguises the truth in its very rarefaction. Pyramidal radiation or precession of simulacra? But there is only a signal. Noise disappears, omnipresent, channeled. The frame catalyzed by an infinite opening.

Time of light. Without time light disappears into itself, shadowed; precurrent. Exchange consolidates the open… Effervescent signalization of light itself, quantum rain; eventually there is only a mountaintop, or there is only the light at the altar on the highest peak… Cosmos un-anchored.

Survey. At the limit, light encrypts itself; becomes infinite or pure movement. How is a thought prevented from learning-better; how is thinking made complicated? How is power augmented, action prevented from exhausting itself? By what means is life intensified? How do you make an absolute survey; how do you disappear completely?

The Author

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  1. You are describing immanence here, and oddly enough (or not), I can’t help but wonder the extent to which you are contemplating radical immanence in Laruelle’s sense, albeit through the empirical optics of Serres, Ruyer, D+G…

    All your questions at the end become inflected otherwise when thought in accordance with ‘man’ as ‘radical immanence’ (the One)…

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