Speed of Time

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becoming / machine / metaphysics

Acceleration physically denotes a second-order or cybernetic speed of speed; analogically, celerities in the technological phylum, mutation-rates of technologies of inscription (framing, writing, coding), permutational-vectors in expressive media, denote a cybernetic speed of time.

A time in a way which is without past or future; an eternally ephemeral or transitional time which is light, spacing, energy. Already a kind of quantum power plant: a device to activate emergence; a virtual machine which permits transduction of intensities, qualities across ontological borderlines, attuning forces and properties to the fulminating delirium of nothingness; so a kind of “technical” time capable of establishing a functional enframing of the world within regimes of abstract operations. An evental time, then, blank or without-content, an infinite surface; at once less and more than positive or particular existence, unfolding as time. (The rapturous joy of transport, intransitivity…)

The militant micropolitics of energy-for-itself, nano-scale engineering, operate the politics, poetic geometries, of empty spaces. Illumination of opacity into transparency, extruding geometric structures from beneath conjunctions of colored planes and accelerating lines, Light is index of immanence, abstract cartogram of cosmic evolution; pure timing and spacing.

Deterritorializations propagate throughout the disassembled body of the earth, disarticulating subjugating psychic and social assemblages — but also rendering subjects and situations and signs to an outside, dismantling even the planetary core for the beyond, irreversibly disrupting or even dissolving the thin layer of parasitic social and psychic bodies immunologically enfolding the geosphere; operating an irruption latent but continuously warded-off, until perhaps this conjunction we face today, wherein the critical complication of the world make any such preventative measures futile:

Generic ecology of chaos, infinite creation, (virtual) universal engineering. Activation.

These disruptions do not therefore indicate the abandonment of all caution, but perhaps only suspension of a certain vainglorious sense or sensation of responsibility.

We catch sight of this fiery or ‘joyful’ ecology in light of mutations in the general system of knowledge, the permutation of certain recording surfaces and the ontological decomposition of techno-scientific apparatus. With an eye to certain revolutionary-involutionary affects and impulses we briefly enumerate some of the general conditions and complications of these new births:

Babelian; organizing a luminous architecture (composing pure figures of light…) in which the major scientific orders, and hierarchical disciplinary topologies, are deconstructed in accordance with a ‘tower of reflection’ actualizing an infinitely deferred recursive evaluation: each echelon acting as interpreter for one above it… The inorganic and crystalline life of regional concepts thereby laid open, neurotic planetary bliss is rendered to cosmic schizophrenia — a universal continuum consuming the terrestrial (consigning the earth to ‘omniscient’ digital-memory or perdition…) –Virality.

Celestial (or Infernal); developing inter-planar transits (decomposition and permutation of conceptual-affective infrastructure) and decoding the sensorium, rupturing with the surface of sensation to condition the activation of an divine hyper-aesthetics or a diabolical constructivism. Cosmic ecology as ‘genetic’ engineering of spirit, life; the risks here are colossal, but the reward…? –At any rate and in fine: we wager eternity; or upon (and against) infinite judgment, interpolation of an alien plane (lineaments that don’t converge at any known horizon…) –Toxicity.

Perplex (Imaginary); super-fusion and recursive inter-relation between notions, as well as between practices (babbling is already irreflexivity) activates an acceleration noological and ecological at once, illuminating certain ambits out of the gravity well of local philosophical, psychic and social neurosis; disarticulating economic, unconscious and legal correlation or conspiracy. From simplication to perplication; or from univocity to the outside…! Future light! Speculatively discerning the fusional assembly of new generic or variadic disciplines, creational practices; conditioning the construction of new abstract filters or planes; involuting the birth of populations to come, to operate the machinic components of the concepts that will be inscribed there. –Fire…

Light, a separation which asymptotically links-together, the voyage plunging into chaos, immersion into infinite speed of extinction and genesis; eventually returning, refracted, noisy, scrambled; if not darkened, obscured…

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