New Translation(s) of Laruelle on Univocal Press

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Brett Amory, "Waiting"

Brett Amory, “Waiting”

Over at Univocal Publishing there is a new translation of Laruelle’s essay on non-ethics available on their blog. Be sure to go over and check this out here:

Hopefully this translation will help bring attention to the great work they are doing already. Be sure to check out the titles they have already published, and expect to see more Laruelle in the future (I’ll be publishing two of Laruelle’s translations with them next spring. You can find these in their book section). Also check out their two most recent translation on Struggle and Utopia and Photo-fiction!

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  1. Reblogged this on AGENT SWARM and commented:
    Very interesting essay by Laruelle on “ordinary ethics” based on the “lived phenomenon of immanence”. It begins with a distinction between the everyday and the ordinary. The ordinary is prior to the disjunction between the pathological subject and the rational subject.
    In the context of recent remarks about blogging and the opposition between rational print and pathological blog behaviour I wish to indicate that this disjunction is not so obvious in many cases, nastiness and reasoning each ceding or denying primacy to the other, or combining in unholy mixtures. I plead for an ordinary practice of blogging where individuals discuss with each other in an open exchange, instead of the consensual cronyism that we see so often.

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