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Genesis. Enormous psychosocial and political transformations were necessary in order to put into place the global transhistorical capitalist institutions we take for granted. Capitalism is different, genetically as it were, from all previous ways of organizing human society. It dissolves society in favor of the decoded flows of pre-individual traits and elements which will form abstract labor and commodities. This dissolution is what previous forms of society had attempted to prevent. They had precisely developed various auto-immunities against this total subversion of traditional sense and value engendered by the radical deterritorialization attending the development of capital.

Modernity is this insane and universal cosmopolitan social order which encircles everything within its technocratic grasp; degeneration, death, disaster and apocalypse are both its legacy and sense. What remains for subjectivity but the twin messiahs of nothingness — the state and the market? A timeless celestial burrowing-machine and a timely sociopolitical ungrounding-device — messenger and channel, rex and flamen.

"Cosmic Ovulation" by Claude McCoy

"Cosmic Ovulation", Claude McCoy

Hermes and venus. History discloses a message to delicate ears — a riddle for the sphinx, as it were: existence and its whirling turbulence are continually winding down, breaking apart, falling and leaping back up — but in this metastability even death gives in, even disaster and apocalypse hold back, allow themselves to be defeated. Even time allows itself to be overcome, oversaturated, absolved and annihilated — in the name of a time which remains, a time to come.

This gift of time is a luminous substantiality, a virtual trace situated beyond the chaotic waves of immanence, beyond the noises and silences of eternity – where shadows and colors at last exhaust themselves in a final and furious burst of apocalypse — and fall silent… And when light holds back, when the voice of health is silent… of course, we already know: pestilence, noise, darkness – parasites proliferate. What happened? When health holds back it is enough to unground discourses and psyches and societies. This silence bludgeons holes in time and the landscape, it burrows beneath the sky.

History is the production and education of desire, the unique evolution and development undertaken by particular flows of desire, arranged in complex differential systems and entering into a variety of singular relations with assemblages of transhistorical agencies and collective discursivities. But the work of time is the movement of angels, that is to say, the development of minor voices — which are precisely not the ones who ‘give voice to’ an idealized minority, not transhistorical institutions or their representations.

How to hear these schismatic voices of the desiring-machines themselves – these always already revolutionary/literary/theoretical machines, voices of the schism or flux/gap in eternity and productive psychosocial diagrams at once, complentarily? Well – it is not enough, for instance, simply to listen…

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  1. The world is becoming chaotic through dismemberment of all flows, but as happyhappy Hödlerlin wold say, where danger grows, so does salvation. The negation the world is experiencing is the necessary condition for a more universal and complex (possible) world. The twin messiahs of nothingness are becoming obviously banal, calling for rethinking of all traditional institutions and thier role as organizing principles, to put it in deleuzian, as organs with a body.

  2. What remains for the twins is a bomb, a certain bomb, and it has already happened.

    Anyway, personally I would like to think that what we usually think as nothingness actually provides the greatest resources there are for creation, production, change.

  3. fallingsilvers says

    ‘it is not enough, for instance, simply to listen…’

    when dreaming back spin like that frequenseas begin into sigh
    we’re all only rhyzoscopically…

  4. ‘Production’ is a wild overstatement. ‘Production of desire’ is… Is it historical? Is it desirable? First ‘production,’ then ‘of,’ last ‘desire’? Not necessarily. ‘Rhyzoscopically’: not necessary.

    ‘Rex and flamen’: That is a sentence. (At least to my taste.)

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  6. “I enjoy this mode of w/riting-as-meditation. It recalls Baudrillard’s cool memories, Kroker-on-downers, and the work of Tetsuya Mizuguchi (capital as ‘Child Of Eden’ flow.)” – Henry Swanson

  7. In pure form our society may function as you have mentioned. If that is true, what individual flaws or strengths keep everyone from reaching the top of this lofty society? Wherein 99% of capital is held in the top 1% of our social structure. Clearly this dissolution also formed an electrolytic salt bridge causing the capital to flow to the top heavy anode. Were our society to discharge, that is to say, flow in the opposite direction, would it be for better, or for worse?

  8. Hi, your text sounds to me like Julian Ferreyra work on capitalism. He wrote a book about called “L’ontologie du capitalisme chez Gilles Deleuze” (in french :-s ) We can translate by capitalism ontology in Gilles Deleuze think. I don”t know if you have already read Gilles Deleuze (french philosopher) who creates a new way of thinking ontology based on differences in human being. My english isn’t good enough to explain a so complex approach, but I post this to you if you want to dig deeper.

  9. oups, just read more about your blog and of course it’s dedicated for a large part to Gilles Deleuze….I guess Julian Ferreyra ‘s book will really interest you 😉

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