It Means Becoming Human

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But he [Lacan] did not realize the consequences of his rupture with Freudian determinism, and didn’t appropriately situate “desiring machines” — whose theory he had iniated — within incorporeal fields of virtuality. This object-subject of desire, like strange attractors in chaos theory, serves as an anchorage point with a phase space (here, a universe of reference) without ever being identical to itself, in permanent flight on a fractal line. In this respect it is not only fractal geometry that must be invoked, but fractal ontology. It is the being itself which transforms, buds, and transfigures itself. The objects of art and desire are apprehended within the existential Territories which are at the same time the body proper, the self, the maternal body, lived space, refrains of the mother tongue, familiar faces, family lore, ethnicity… No existential approach has priority over another. Thus it’s not a question of a causal infrastructure and of a superstructure representative of the psyche, or of a world separated from sublimation. The flesh of sensation and the material of the sublime are inextricably interwoven. Relationship to the other does not proceed through identification with a preexisting icon, inherent to each individual. The image is carried by a becoming other, ramified in becoming animal, becoming plant, becoming machine and, on occasion, becoming human.

Felix Guattari, Chaosmosis

The Author

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  1. I wonder when Guattari started up on the becoming bandwagon? Or if Guattari was always already with Deleuze on this point by A Thousand Plateaus? I wonder if Guattari’s search for new and creative modes of subjectivity ever really was just another name for his search for new becomings? The way he talks about subjectivity makes me think that, instead of a fractal ontology in mind, his concept of minority brings a fractal politics to the fore….in fact, you could say that their definition of power centers in plateau 9 conjures the image of a fractal politics, since power centers are defined precisely by what they allow to escape.

  2. stellarcartographies says

    Once hopes that the becoming-human will find itself against the same wall as the human…at least in thought. A few “good bullets” can be spared and more “good” holes can be dug.

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