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Zoya Gregory, “Endurance”

Hard right. Eternity and history do not enter into the pure multiple without an absolute translation or relative transfiguration, an intensive traversal of the code against the code. The decryption of time and an encryption of the future, or connective activation of infinite resonance. Remembering or becoming every property, trait, characteristic; everyone; everything. Traversal of the open virtual whole. Glare beyond which it is unendurable to go.

Binding. A crowd networks without distance or depth, in-divides a multiplicity. A crowd even perhaps opposes a multiplicity; faces the turbulence and variability of the meteorological or the demonological, yet just as much opposes the one, the infinity and in-differenciation of the bacteriological or cosmological. Between the one and the many, a calculated subtraction of the middle. –The multitude of the crowd? But a crowd is not a multiple for itself, does not participate in an infinite multiplicity in itself. A crowd is a restricted or relativized multiplicity; barred or fractional multiplication or differentiation-without-division. The obscure or unspecified etiology of the crowd, the pack, reflects that of the abstract band, pure zones of proximal potentialities. Crowding is after all perhaps the characteristic operation of the territory itself, the process of making a territory and binding it, opposed to poesis or peopling; negation though tracing and reproduction. –Yet a crowd is nevertheless a micro-poetry in its way: the crowd dramatizes itself without representation, enveloping and amplifying affective diagrams to infinite speeds of conjunction and disjunction, concentrating differences of intensity, distributing gradients, conditioning dynamisms. The secret future or encrypted essence of the crowd is generalized itinerancy, generating spaces, populations. The crowd manifests itself in disappearing; a battle or a disaster. The crowd enters into a becoming-imperceptible; the present is detached from within its own eventuality. A crowd, what but a vicious binding of alienation to xenophobia, of association to vengeance? A binding which unbinds in binding, even extrudes a hallucinatory ego from an intensive depth, an idiotic signal from an infinite blindness; binding the psyche to a god, consciousness, truth; the socius to capital, signification, schizophrenia. No, a crowd is not a multiplicity. It has not yet become space-creative; it has refused the boundaries binding it to the severing of bonds, it has avoided experimental mutation. It is the refuge of the arboreal in the mycelium.

Floating above. Everything about the minor artist turns towards or into the one, revolves around an absent center; every word is a politics, every act an ethics. The affective content of minor literature reflects this unity without identity of a minority; identified only via domination, immunological suppression, paralysis. A broken-down machine; and a breaking-down atmosphere. Everything minor is always-already in migratory or itinerant motion, or in wild flight… –Breaking-down as a side-effect of breaking-through.

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Soaring above the waves, the surf line finds or creates a means of encrypted communication with the conjoint or conjugal striation of the surface and the disjunct or disastrous perplexity of the depths. A nomad geometer, the navigator of singular and extraordinary waves, the surfer of the pure multiple of the sea, journeys in place to remain in place. The surfer occupies a finely balanced territory, between infinitesimal inclination and infinite extension; an absolute survey becomes possible.

An occupation replete with indeterminations, bristling with events and pure qualities; which can perhaps be defined in terms of the flowing athletic de-situation of centrality, non-motion rather than the catastrophe of activation or spatiality, of extraordinary or disruptive points or segments or the epidemiology of too rigidly fixed positions or too fluidly supple segments. The telepathic geometer or temporal metallurgist, the surfer of future waves, oscillates internally then between two very different kinds of axioms or principles; apparently in real and irresolvable contradiction.

Between restrained or disjunctive materiality (the wave function, if you like) and generalized or conjunctive aesthetics, the depths of the sea or its xeno-crystalline temporality, characterized by chaotic and lawless interventions across streams, between ontologically foreign regimes of development and organization; expressing itself perhaps as future light, infinite glare of machinic resonance from the hard-right edge of time…

A hyperlink is determined dimensionally by planar waves and volumetric surf. It is politics itself, solidary with the delirium at the heart of our highest reason (all too anthropoid, neurotic, regional, drifting…) Conjunction and disjunction; but there is always a ductile and cybernetic surf line. What is the relation between the surf line and the smooth space, or between the line of creative extension and intensive striation? How does surfing make machines rhizome, become a line of flight capable of possibly, if it survives many risks, surveying from hyperborean heights of intensity the haunted depths that separate and link us? –At infinite speed, “all at once”; rather than falling back onto furious mechanical redundantly-parallel recursive analysis? Nevertheless, one must be careful with all these intensities, one must be ready. Hyperlinear conjunction accelerates too rapidly to control, maximizing trauma and bliss at once. But after all the link is a connection, an arrow cast into a void. Whereas conjunction and disjunction are primarily traits of relations produced in tactical route analysis; in which case there is a geographical problem of establishment of points that determine pathways for striating vessels, or smooth transmission, etc. –Rather than the geological or ethological problem of the relay itself or pure logistics, which converts striated positions into smooth spaces, invents or discovers means of oscillating between, a higher-order calculus of acceleration, speeds and slownesses (convalescence.)

The other lines — the subaqueous assemblage of supple lines of the sea; the rigidly delineated striations of oscillatory forces — are no better or worse than the surf line, which wouldn’t exist without them, even though it does not relate to movement in the same way they do. Rather than extend traits the link activates relays or actualizes virtuality, proliferates pure becomings and stationary journeys. The political infrastructure of the hyperlink dominates resonance; this machinery is the accelerating index of redundancy. The surf line is operated by a plane of virtual judgment; hungry for resonance and singularization. They are the teeth of the vampire.

Conjunction occurs precisely because bodies are not yet connected. Because judgment has decreed gravity, ideas are voidic compositions… And the surf of course always overflows itself into death; risking along the way any danger imaginable: and of course the surf line itself emanates a strange melancholy melody. The unsegmentary secretes authorities and pieties and fascisms of its own unique type. The surf is no better than the sea or the waves.

The surf line itself is not the secret, though it may seem to be inventing and discovering a strategy or machine by which the sea and waves may communicate. But even though it is between the supple political segments of biology and the rigid macropolitical lines configuring abstract machines, it is still only a memory-machine; victories are rare. Between inter-involution of a multiplicity of imbricated and mutating rhythms, overflowing organized ontologies, the surf line faces infinite risks, worse perhaps than madness and death; but nevertheless can sometimes navigate an escape into survey, resonating with a wild becoming and expressing the movement of the actualization of the virtual (a world into a city…)

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A signal develops conditions suitable for conviviality of noisy lines, conjunction of colored planes, convergence of pure volumes. Development emerges encoded from the remotest and most alien depths of the sea. Chaos filtered: decrypted or machined.

Evolution or the pure differentiation of a life? From a crystalline substrate, from the earth to the navigation of the world. Analysis of stratigraphic zones and synthesis of degrees of proximity. Integration of the night, the indifferent — the universe.


Organization overflows time. Death, or beginning without limit? Production or product? –But the simulacrum is mute. Enfolding infinity, life eclipses itself. The full body is annihilation. Every horizon collapses. Light dissolves. Time crumbles. Movement decelerates into imperceptibility. One becomes old. A word always turns to ashes; all books burn. Any duration elapses. Seas freeze. Channels fade into silence. Creation halts in the middle.

Between blindness and visionary dilation, the long winter of a dying cosmos. Spirit unfolds, converges with eternity; comes and goes. Everything is forgotten.

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Between Planes


Relata. Noise (always-already virtually present) vibrates, and only indicates in becoming-channeled. Primary indication is extinction, dis-embodiment (subject), dis-articulated (sign), dis-simulated (situation). Immediate indicia; omen or axiom? –At any rate the percept and the affect are in a troubled relation. We attempt to attune a machine to this relationality; its speed approaches infinity asymptotically; it is exologically “determinative” insofar as:

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Speed of Time

Acceleration physically denotes a second-order or cybernetic speed of speed; analogically, celerities in the technological phylum, mutation-rates of technologies of inscription (framing, writing, coding), permutational-vectors in expressive media, denote a cybernetic speed of time.

A time in a way which is without past or future; an eternally ephemeral or transitional time which is light, spacing, energy. Already a kind of quantum power plant: a device to activate emergence; a virtual machine which permits transduction of intensities, qualities across ontological borderlines, attuning forces and properties to the fulminating delirium of nothingness; so a kind of “technical” time capable of establishing a functional enframing of the world within regimes of abstract operations. Continue reading

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The emancipation of a line of difference; Movement thinking itself; Becoming-imperceptible; Demonic signatures; Degrowth of vision; Experiment cautiously; All maps are provisional; All nodes are networks

The emancipation of a line of difference

Only in extinction, annihilation before the rising ground, can a process of differentiation emancipate itself from its repetitive articulation in both directions at once, break free from the entanglements and alienation of preconditions: situation, signifiance, subjection.

How does a difference exceed the situational, overload the signalized, reprogram the subjectivized? The birthplace of monsters: the unconscious, the law, language; so many lines of abolition. The inoperative darkness which links and separates at once, bidirectional but nullary and auto-affective, consuming by being-consumed.

Time, light, the sea; a pure multiplicity, a line or volume of infinitesimal differentiation. We catch a glimpse of the distributed genesis of relation: the emergence of emergence itself. Termination and involution. Virtual and actual, timelike and lightlike; guest and host, abolition, redemption; all at once.

The burrow, the forest or cyberspace; developmental toxicity rages through these perforated terrains, conjoining and transmuting smooth and striated spaces through an ad hoc inter-dimensional chaos. One may perhaps glimpse in holey space the furtive trace of an empty form of time.

Lines of permutation are perhaps always-already lines of perverse monstrosity. Memory or becoming involves a critical punctuation of a pure being, rendering the axis or ontological continuity to the beyond: from empty and blank to lacerated, open(ed); from positive, redoubling to irreflective, anechoic.

Movement thinking itself

Why always-already escaping in headlong flight? –Inevitably tracing along a convergent linear system of unlimited decay, stratified dissolution terminating only in blinding light or deafening noise or…?

The intensive substrate: recapturing the auditions, visions, dynamisms leaking through common signs and spacings, traversing the silences and blindnesses between-us, escaping through the subterranean network of plot holes linking and separating us.

How to think this trace-evasion strategically? –Which is perhaps to ask after a movement originating from the middle itself, an infinite movement or virtual multiplicity crystallizing (degenerately) into variadic abstract filters on chaos.

Infinite movement thinking itself, thought-without-image or without-sound: the morphogenetic hypostasis of infinite speed, always-already establishing virtual or preparatory resonances for the return or transmission. Fulguration.

An augmentative burst of a system’s relevant magnitudes up to a qualitative transformation, maximizing degrees of freedom to unleash an ontological ungrounding.

A thinking that would extrude an unthinkable or unthought at the heart of thinking; and so perhaps already denoting acceleration through terrestrial continuity/neurosis, beyond visionary illumination and parasitism towards the universe.



Becoming-imperceptible is not the erasure of traces but a matter of certain molecular or cosmic resonances with the well-hidden (the “furthest” or most furtive…) and so converges with a kind of cryptanalysis of alien compositions or artifacts, analysis-as-xenopoetics: on the one hand a cutting and slicing which aims to unground representability, recognition; and on the other a distorting and permuting designed to extrude the wild heart of a virtual multiplicity (permitting certain reconfigurations, or even the ascent to infinite variability…)

But you will never find or make the required plane of consistency if you mistake becoming-imperceptible for ripping out the heart of the (virtual) movement, irremediably rupturing its metastability over and continuity with applications of primary generative and corruptive processes — or for neglecting to suture those hateful secondary recording/consumption circuits which induce radically exogenic lineaments, inter-dimensional or fractal lines of knowledge and power, which convoke such conceptual monstrosities at the abyssal limits of the affects; disarticulating, disempowering flows of mastery, control, servitude.

Demonic Signatures

After all, society or the lifeworld, the signature of the earth, is erased, effaced, or sometimes poorly-faked and forged, baldly papered-over, in the commodity, and yet nothing is more perceptible under capital than the falseness of the surface, the unreality of the ground — or on the other hand, the certainty of a demonic signature behind every trace, the deliberate constitution of or at least complicity with an infernal (impersonal) plane of judgment. Cthell.

Spatiotemporal dynamisms unfold along proprioceptive or haptic axes, through ‘pure’ perceptions of distance or durability only implied or extrapolated by certain irregularities of the visual field; and at the limit unfold the axis itself, congesting or internalizing the induced or emergent properties of emplacement/interconnection into intrinsic or topological features; finally a spatiotemporal energetics may achieve emancipation from the universal container or embedding-space itself, disclosing pure dynamism or infinite speed.

The trace effaces itself only at the limits of speech, writing; where translation internalizes its infinite speed and plunges into an unforeseeable becoming (a pact with the outside.)

A transmission decodes itself in this recursive involution, this blissful-tragic birth of the trace or the sign. –Affectivity of affectivity as such: diagramming glorious heights and abyssal depths; a joy or a sadness, or an obscure mixture (sadness of the highest joy…)

–Time, light, the sea; pure multiplicity, a life.

Degrowth of Vision

A book, a letter is composed of flows and spacings: affect-transcoding flows of percepts; processes of actualization and virtualization. Between them assembling a resonance-machine through which a pure essence leaks, a tiny molecular flow of intensive singularities, scattering particles of light, sound, motion.

Vision undergoes degrowth or reduction to a singularity, newly attuned to linear segmentarity, bearing a radical power of infinite variability across the horizon. Writing tends towards a cautious experimentation with aspects of this ‘fabulative’ limit beyond which language would achieve an infinite speed and assemble new machines; would remember-or-become otherwise: luminous, sonic, animal, vegetal, molecular, cosmic…

Yet one does not find the minimal support, the plan(e) of consistency, without a good deal of necessary risk; very grave warnings belong here. Light feet! Cautious steps! Indiscriminate destruction always brings the strata crashing back down that much harder on all of us (decay grows stronger where life has broken it…)

Not to abdicate risk, or to abandon the crystallizing power of the dividual; but to grasp decay, mutation, exhaustion as a critical layer or aspect of the strategy: the organless body of death as the middle: infinite limit through which all lines of flight converge. –Vision overloads, the oracle burns.

Entropy lacerates memories.

Experiment cautiously

The horizon segmented, the cosmic ovum shattered.

The plane of judgment would not perhaps be so terrifying if it were not quite so populated; if it were not so perversely coextensive with certain planes of reference and consistency.

The infinite speed of thinking and death converge in collapse.

Without source or target, iteration becomes infinite, which is perhaps to say consumption without limit — and past a critical threshold accelerates into pure alienation, the vacuum. Hypertrophic nihilism (autodenialism); dissolution or disavowal of sentience; the truth and glory of decay. Extinction.

A site, a subject, a signifier; the ‘real-impossible’ knot which entwines dissolution itself; triangulation of decay, triage. Each always harbors an infernal gradient, an infinite celerity. Each unleashes a bottomless hunger for decay, sundering foundations in favor of the pure mutability of the substrate; the dis-joining of the law, the unconscious, the economy, etc.

The vacuity of continuous repetition without the sustaining augmentation-empowerment of lines of lived or pure difference perhaps intrinsically generates perforations of certain all-too-smooth spaces: new strategies of experimentation, evaluation designed to cultivate these lives or lines…

–Experiment cautiously.

A hammer may also be used, with infinite caution, as a tuning fork. Open the inter-dimensional virtual whole on behalf of a generic ecology, for ethico-aesthetic interventions; furtively safeguard a future for thought.

Carefully tune machines to marginal resonances; soberly evaluate emancipated minoritarian energies; deliberately perforate spaces and surfaces; but do not forget the risks, the vertiginous depths and dizzying heights, accompanying every such hole in a plane of reference or judgment.

The diabolical construction of another plane, disclosed by this perforation or vivisection, is an infinitely delicate operation. Other planes cannot be achieved or uncovered with preformatted materials, sites and tools; distort, mutate precoded energies, merge and ramify speeds and movements. Permit new intensities, particles, rhythms to emerge. –The highest mountains…

All maps are provisional

A transmission faces infinite risks; corruption is inevitable for all but perhaps the highest and noblest dynamisms (gravity, recurrence, entropy.)

Every actual network minimally deviates from its image or ideality; every situation lives an anxious trepidation on the turbulent edge of emergence, a line of pure transformation; every signal is transversal in this sense: always-already transmission of an asignifying impulse of pure perception which tends to subvert any signifying matrix whatsoever and to extrude the virtual multiplicity at the wild heart of becoming, to reprogram the incorporeal differential systems which condition the possibility of assembling languages, writing-machines.

A signal is exhausted in absolute movement, extinguished in infinite brilliance, dissolved in pure noise; muted within the rising ground. A system always recaptures the dynamisms it unleashes, or feeds them back into another system to form an architectonics of forces, powers, blisses — lives.

A machine always halts, though we may not be able to predict where or how; the transmission necessarily fails, often in unforeseeable or obscure ways. A model-copy system is only subverted through the simultaneous activation of incompatible dualisms, exclusionary pluralisms. Incompossible metamodelizations.

All maps are provisional. Cartography as radical life-practice: drawing lines of flight and black holes from the middle (of the unconscious, language, the law, territory, etc.) to the outside. Anew each time.

Merging abstract and virtual lines discloses their univocity. Substance of substance: an abstract filter reveals a singularly variadic affect, perhaps ‘the’ signal of pure bliss/power: intensive extrusion, engineering aesthetic figures, mathematical forms, conceptual personae from chaos.

A fissure as essential or absolute movement of generation and corruption, infinite speed of development and organization, chaotic horizon at a limit of the thinkable, threshold to an outside of thought (unthought, unfelt, in-existent): always-already effectuating a central collapse of consciousness, empowering an infinite glare.

Intolerable visionary illumination which extinguishes all other light-machines through pure brilliance, vastly outstripping their luminous molecules in intensity. Infinite magnitude becomes pure quality…

All nodes are networks

Knowing how much: indices of augmentation, degrees of pressure, coefficients of laceration; this is nearly the whole problem: how to use surgery, suturing; or where instead to organize schisms or gradations; or when to develop conditions suitable for shatterings, internal movements or crystallizations. And finally: when to flip the switch.

All nodes are networks. At a certain internal limit the network achieves an impersonal plane of consistency operating as an effective life: an effervescent metastability, which achieves transparency through opacity, or the conjunction of generic (sonic, colored, etc.) planes, the encrypted or genetic involution of new births.

Molecular and cosmic transducer all at once: free radicals catalyzing ungroundings, effecting mutations of the state space, activating the quantum effervescence of a covert multiplicity; extending an imperceptible network into enemy territory. An inspiratory community is convergent at the limit with an unleashing of meta-intelligent burrowing-machines — conjoining subjects with the asignifying, situations with infinite movements, signifiers with virtual multiplicities…

Infinite speeds always-already inhere within the pure variability at the heart of indeterminacy; the limitless confluence of forces at the fracturing core of formlessness.

A node becomes enumerable insofar as it is made subject to higher-order protocols (technical regimes of operations permitting networked interbeing); a network is made ‘calculable’ in turn by emitting regular (luminous, sonic, sensorimotor, etc) impulses. Microscopic traces.

The state dogs are always drawn to the sorcerer’s door; perhaps they sense what their masters cannot or will not — an ontological ungrounding by an alien plane of consistency (foreign music, unusual colors, exotic odors, strange vibrations.)

acceleration, becoming, language, metaphysics, ontology



Artist or artists unknown. [Though I suspect Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold.]

Since before memory, certainly the Greeks, a temporal continuum supervening upon the physical universe delimited the scope of ontological speculation. This delimitation of vision to a vertical axis transpiercing the cosmos necessitates a moment of insight generated through a brutal acceleration or jerk into clarity/modernity, or alternately futurity/sightedness; at any rate unleashing an irreversible and continuous transposition of subjects, translation of signifiers, transversalization of situations.

The fluidity of this image of time is experienced only in absolute survey, from the perspective of a violently-interpellated point at infinity. The displacement of phenomenological time depends on the decoding of the cosmos enabled through the impossible division of ordinary time by nullity. Primal or ordinary time, before the letter, is more ostensibly fluid than this terrifying vista of an eternal time of equivalence (born alongside tragic mythopoesis.)

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