Lecture on Huxley contra Freud 4/1/13; ACLA Paper on Guattari

On April 1st of this year at 11:30 I will be giving a talk on my paper concerning Huxley and Freud. For those of you in the area, it’d be great to see you at Emory. For those of you outside of that area, I’ll try to see if we can get a recording of the event. Joe that could be something you can handle :). This lecture is a PSP luncheon meeting, and it finishes out my requirements for the PSP certificate (psychoanalytical studies).

Also, on April 8th at Toronto for the ACLA I will be giving a paper on Guattari and components of passage. I am already contemplating reflecting on Huxley or Proust for Guattari’s examples. Brave New World would have everything one would need to trace most of the transformations of the schizoanalytic fields Guattari envisions in Machinic Unconscious.

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4 thoughts on “Lecture on Huxley contra Freud 4/1/13; ACLA Paper on Guattari

  1. Hi Taylor & Joe. I recently found one of Laruelle’s long-lost experimental writings, entitled “Fragments of an Anti-Guattari,” in an obscure poetry journal, and I’ve reproduced it (with permission) here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the piece.

  2. That’s cool that you’ve posted this. It wasn’t technically long lost, however! I got a copy of it through inter-library loan a few years back….but very nice to have a digital copy for everyone! Great job

  3. mapsperhaps on said:

    quite excellent ! congrats. i look forward
    to the recording, if it happens.

    oh, heyy, and the ‘theoryhouse’ jam you all did was so great !
    i might present it to my department..
    we could use a lil’ bit more
    turbulent mappin’
    (non)thinkables ‘between’ ;-)

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