Badiou on Logic

Stellar cartographies has translated two different selections of course notes from Badiou’s lectures circa 1980-82 here and here. This translation is short, but extremely concise, so there’s a lot of material to absorb. In particular, the notes help to explain Godel’s achievement and his theorem and offers good insight into Badiou’s own mathematico-ontological project. Definitely check it out for a quick read on a slightly neglected aspect of this philosopher’s expanding corpus. Also be sure to check out his other posts on Deleuze/Meinong, Heidegger/Lucretius, and an extremely hilarious link to Simon Critchley’s musical side project.

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3 thoughts on “Badiou on Logic

  1. Thanks for this site and, in particular, for your interest in Deleuze, Debord and Badiou: they are, in my opinion, foremost philosophers of latter XX century, and my degree thesis will talk about them (in particular Badiou). Thanks a lot again and good work!

  2. I predict the massive success of both websites — and that both are to be featured in Simon Critchley’s new hit single.

    /What is sex? :)

  3. stellarcartographies on said:

    What is sex? Its nerve endings…and stellar cartography

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